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Buy Exemestane online

Exemestane is a useful PCT supplement. It plays a crucial role in making your body normal condition after the steroid cycle is completed. It is sold under the brand name Aromasin.

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is a necessary component used after the androgenic anabolic steroid cycle is over. After finishing the steroid cycle, the body stops producing hormones naturally. This is where the benefit of taking Exemestane lies.

Exemestane helps the bodybuilder to get their body back to its normal state so that it can start naturally producing hormones again. Once the steroid cycle is over, the bodybuilders will start their Post Cycle Therapy that lasts almost 30-45 days.

Most of the bodybuilders in the UK prefer to administer this PCT supplement. They buy Exemestane in the UK to get its effective result after completing their steroid cycle. Have you finished your steroid cycle? Then you must buy Exemestane online in the UK.

Exemestane is chemically known as 6-methylideneandrosta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione. It is structurally similar to 4-androstenedione, the natural substance of aromatase.
Exemestane is an irreversible, steroid aromatase inactivator of type I. It is structurally related to the natural substrate 4-androstenedione. It binds with the active site of the enzyme to make the aromatase enzyme inactive and resist the production of estrogen level in the body.

Benefits of Exemestane:

Exemestane will help the bodybuilders in the following way.
· Gynecomastia will develop among the men bodybuilders once their anabolic steroid cycle is finished. Though it is not life threatening, it can certainly make life miserable. This condition occurs when testosterone in the body interacts with aromatase enzymes. This means that it is converted into estrogen. Exemestane prevents aromatization from occurring.
· Some steroid users also suffer from extreme bloating and water retention after the cycle ends. In this condition, the bodybuilders look puffy and out of shape. Hence, the bodybuilders have to do struggle to get their body back in the previous shape. But administering Exemestane can reduce this struggle and help the steroid users give the right body shape.
· Taking a high dosage of steroids literally shut down the testosterone production. This is really a massive problem after the steroid cycle ends. Testosterone is not only important for muscle growth, but it is also essential for the other physiological processes in the body. It boosts the energy level. So, having testosterone deficiency in the body is a serious problem. After finishing the steroid cycle, the human body fails to produce the hormone naturally again. But with taking Exemestane, the steroid users can recover the testosterone production level. Not only that; this PCT supplement also helps to boost the testosterone level.

Therefore this PCT supplement is very popular among the bodybuilders. So, considering these benefits, you will definitely buy Exemestane online in the UK.

In addition, Exemestane is used for adjuvant treatment of postmenopausal women with estrogen receptor-positive early breast cancer. It is basically useful for those who were in tamoxifen therapy for two to three years and switched to adjuvant hormonal therapy.
Exemestane is also beneficial in the treatment of advanced breast cancer for the women whose disease has developed following tamoxifen therapy.
But taking this PCT supplement with higher dosage can cause several side effects.

Side effects

Exemestane is very beneficial for steroid users. But it has many side effects. If this PCT supplement overdoses, the bodybuilders will face the following complications:
· Exemestane can reduce the estrogen level in the body. And reducing the estrogen level can severely affect the body. If the estrogen level reduces, all kinds of side effects will occur. Exemestane is also used by females. Estrogen is more important for women as compared to men. Hence, female users must take precautionary measures before taking this PCT supplement.
· After completing the steroid cycle, there is a high possibility that the bones and joints may hurt. This is because the steroid users gain weight in a short amount of time. The most side effect of Exemestane is bone and joint pain.
· Though Exemestane helps the steroid users a lot to avoid the health issues caused by steroids, this PCT supplement can cause fatigue and lethargy.
• Exemestane is a great reason for headache. This is one of the main side effects of this PCT supplement. Sometimes, it also causes dizziness in the body.
In order to avoid these complications, the users must follow the dosage instruction before buying Exemestane in the UK.

Dosage of Exemestane

The typical dosage of Exemestane ranges from 12.5 mg to 25 mg per day. But it basically depends on the steroid cycle. For some steroid cycles, 12.5 mg is needed for every other day.
If you follow the recommended dosage properly, you would get an impressive result within a short time. And your body will start producing hormone again.

EXEMESTANE 25mg/tab x30 - Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Exemestane - Aromasin -25mg/tab x30..


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Exemestane - Aromasin -25mg/tab x30..


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