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Buy Fluoxymesterone - Halotestin online

Fluoxymesterone or Halotestin comes from testosterone. This differs from base androgen by three structural alterations - l7alpha-methyl, 11 beta-hydroxy and 9-fluoro group additions.

As a result, you get a highly effective oral steroid. This has strong androgenic effects as this comes from testosterone. This has clear similarities to this hormone. You can easily buy Fluoxymesterone in the UK online.

Like testosterone, Halotestin is a good substrate for the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Many of its metabolites are 5-alpha reduced androgens’8. This pairs with its outward androgenic nature. This shows that it is converting to a much more potent steroid in androgen responsive target tissues such as the skin, prostate, and scalp.


Halotestin is more androgenic than testosterone. However, its anabolic effect is not very intense. This is a good strength enhancing agent. However, this is not very effective for gaining enough muscle mass.

This builds harder and denser looking muscles without increasing the size. That is why this is very useful for athletes in the realms of weight-restricted sports such as wrestling, boxing and powerlifting.

For buying Fluoxymesterone in the UK, visit a reputable online store. For buying genuine grade oral steroids, contact a trusted online supplier. They sell quality checked products at reasonable rates.

Users can enjoy serious strength gain from each Fluoxymesterone cycle. However, users won’t enjoy weight increase. This allows most competitors to remain within a specific weight range. Bodybuilding contestants also appreciate Halotestin an excellent aid for preparation.

When the user has the right low body fat percentage, this strong androgen can bring pleasing results. In the absence of excess estrogen, this can give a hard and defined look to muscles. Thus, this is the right aid for those who want a ripped body.

The shift in androgen/estrogen ratio powers your body to burn off excess fat. Also, this oral steroid prevents new fat storage. The hardening effect of Fluoxymesterone is like that of trenbolone, although you don’t experience the same level of mass gain.

If you are preparing for the contests, the non-aromatising androgens such as Halotestin and trenbolone can help you. You can make hassle free purchases for these elements because you can buy Fluoxymesterone in the UK online.

The 11 beta-hydroxyl category also prevents aromatization. Also, this prevents the estrogen production of this steroid. Estrogenic effects such as water retention, fat gain, and gynaecomastia are not an issue with taking this substance. This is an oral steroid and make sure you are taking the right dosage.

Side effects

Users taking higher doses for a long period can expect strong androgenic side effects. Most times, these are inevitable. Problems such as oily skin and acne are very common. Sometimes, sensitive users need to seek a treatment to keep it under control.

Hair loss is another problem that makes Fluoxymesterone a bad option especially for those who are already suffering from hair loss. Also, with this element, aggression may also become very noticeable. Often users desire this effect and they exploit it to “harness” for increasing the intensity of workouts.

Obviously, Halotestin is a strong androgen that female athletes should avoid. This can intensify masculinizing side effects and this can take place rapidly.

Women who are even desperate enough to take Dianabol, should consider its intense side effects. The virilization symptoms are permanent most often. For buying Fluoxymesterone in the UK, contact a trusted online supplier.


There is one problem with this steroid, and that is, it can be a very toxic drug. This is because fluoxymesterone is a 17 alpha alkylated compound, and this is for oral administration.

l7alpha alkylation can be very harsh to the liver. The possibility of damage is therefore an obvious concern with Halotestin, especially when you administer the higher doses or for long periods. You can buy Fluoxymesterone online in the UK.

The total daily dosage should be 20 to 40 mg, and users should administer this for no longer than 8 weeks. After that, take an equally long break from all c17-AA orals.

Also, you should not combine this element with other alkylated orals. Instead, opt for oral elements without this alteration or esterified injectable compounds. This will not add to the strain on the liver.

During the cutting phases, a mild anabolic such as Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise might be a good addition. Both provide good anabolic effects on fighting estrogenic effects. Here, Halotestin will supply a required androgenic component.

It will help you gain a more solid and defined muscle mass than that you could gain with an anabolic alone. BuyFluoxymesterone in the UK from a trusted online store.

Fluoxymesterone also suppress endogenous testosterone levels quickly thought this completely lacks estrogen conversion. Therefore, users should administer an ancillary drug at the end of each cycle to restore the normal release of androgens in their bodies.

HCG enhances aromatase effects in the Leydig’s cells. Here, Nolvadex®/Clomid® block the activity of any excess estrogen produced.

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Fluoxymesterone - Halotestin - 5mg/tab x100..


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