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HGH FRAGMENT (176-191) 5mg-Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Human Growth Hormone Fragment (176-191) 5mg

For Laboratory research only!

The HGH Fragment has been modified in the form of amino acids at the C terminal region of human growth hormone or HGH. The research and studies have shown that it can help a bodybuilder in maintaining weight by regulating fat metabolism like natural HGH in human body. Hence, it has attracted the interest of bodybuilders to buy HGH Fragment online. It has been observed that the product has a great demand among the athletes and bodybuilders of the UK. But before getting ready to order the product, let’s discuss about the benefits, side effects and dosage of HGH Fragment as well.

Benefits of HGH Fragment

It has been observed that bodybuilders want to consider adding this product into their training. It contains a great ability to regulate fat metabolism that can help them maintaining weight loss. So just have a look at these following benefits and decide if you want to buy HGH Fragment online or not.

The advantages may include as follow:
• It has the ability to regulate fat metabolism. It can help in massive weight loss in a short time. It is essential for bodybuilders to maintain weight for keeping their appearance attractive. In fact, it do not have side effect on insulin sensitivity. Hence, you can use this product without my risk of adverse effect on insulin.

• It has been proved that it is also useful in stimulating lipolysis. Lipolysis can activate the increment of fat tissues. Hence, it boosts the destruction of lipolysis that can be effective to reduce body weight and enhance lean body mass.

• The existence of HGH can help you in revoking the formation of fatty acids and lipids. It is known that lipid and fatty acids are responsible for gaining weight by increasing body fat. It helps to burn lipid and fatty that is effective in weight loss quickly.

• It can also give you more energy to undertake training for long time. To get a massive change in short time, you can buy HGH Fragment from any online steroid shop.

• It has the ability to suppress the hunger of a person. If you will take it before workout, you will not feel hungry for a long time. Hence, you will have less food than before that can help to store less fat in your body. It can help to maintain your body structure and body mass as well.

• It is effective to promote protein synthesis that can give you more energy to perform better and undertake intense and heavy workout.

• It also enhances your bone mineral density that can make your bone stronger. Strong bone is essential for bodybuilders as they can get injure often. Stronger bones will lead you to less fracture.

• It can strengthen your muscle tissues. It can help to less damage of tissues at the time of undertaking heavy workout for long time. It can also help in lifting up heavyweights also at gym. Hence, you can strengthen your muscle by buying HGH Fragment online from any steroid shop.

• It is proved also effective in improving the functions of your vital organs that can help you to be healthier.

• It can also treat hypertension, diabetes and more.

Side effects of HGH Fragment

You can’t think that a steroid can give only advantages. It comes to you with undesirable side effects. Hence, you need to consult your doctor or think twice before buying HGH Fragment online.

The side effects may include as follows:
a. It may cause of liver abnormalities if you will take over dose. It can damage your health and affect performance.

b. It can be reason of prostate enlargement.

c. You can face muscle or joint pain during taking this product. It can create problem to a bodybuilder in lifting up weight and undertaking workout.

d. It can enhance fluid retention in your body due to its over dosage. It may cause hand or leg swelling.

e. It increases cholesterol level that can lead you to severe heart disease. It can be considered as major drawback in your career. Think again before buying HGH Fragment online!!!

f. Many users have faced numb and tingling skin due to often usage of HGH Fragment.

g. It can increase risk of heart disease and diabetes.

h. You can face sudden growth of hands, feet or facial features.

i. It may cause low blood sugar, fatigue and liver damage as well.

j. Moreover, you can face vomiting, low blood pressure, allergic reaction and more.

HGH Fragment Dosage

You need to consult to doctor first and then buy HGH Fragment from online steroid shops. You need to follow proper dosage of this product to stay safe. You can take it around 500 mcgs per day. It can also be used as pre-workout supplement as dose of 250 mcgs.

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