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IGF1-LR3 1mg-Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, Long R3 1mg

For Laboratory research only!

IGF-LR3 is a form of IGF that is altered chemically with changed amino acids. It comprises 83 amino acids with a substation of Arg (R) for the Glu (E) at position 3. Hence; it is called R3. It enables the prevention of binding proteins in the body. It functions differently to different types of tissues. Its ability to reduce fat has gained more interest in the bodybuilders. It has been observed that the athletes and bodybuilders of the UK have a great demand for this product. Hence, they can order and buy IGF-LR3 from online steroid shop. Moreover, you need to know its advantages and side effects so that you can use its properly with proper dosage.

Benefits of IGF-LR3

As a bodybuilder, you can apply this product to get help in your career. But before that you need to know its benefits so that you can determine your needs. The product can help you accomplish those needs. Then, it’s up to you if you are interested to buy IGF-LR3 online or not. The benefits can be included as follows:

"More stamina and energy"
The product can give more energy and stamina by synthesizing proteins while using it. More energy can help you in undertaking more intensive training for a long time. It will be easier for you then to maintain your body mass. It can even help you to sustain more time in the competition that will bring you victory.

It can help you in promoting your endurance power. Hence, you will not get tired easily after a small training. You can receive more training and lift heavyweights during practicing at the gym. The enhanced endurance power can increase your strength also to sustain in competition. It also helps in improving endurance training.

"Weight loss"
It helps to improve metabolic stability that enhances metabolism power. Faster metabolism can reduce your body fat faster. Reduction of body fat is essential in marinating lean body mass and structure. After all, appearance is the most demanding aspect in the world of bodybuilding.

"Stronger bones"
The use of IGF-LR3 can enhance bone mineral density of your body. Increase in bone mineral can give you stronger bones. Stronger bones can lead you to less risk of fracture while lifting weights or facing competition. So, what are you waiting for? Just order online to buy IGF-LR3 today!!!

"Enhancing strength"
You can get a massive improvement in your joint muscles and bones. It can help you to loft more power and undertaking endurance training. Strength is an essential element for a bodybuilder to maintain his image in the world of bodybuilding.

"Tissue Recovery"
Daily intense workout can damage your muscle tissues. It can take moretime to recover from any kind of injury or fracture. It can hamper your practices. It helps in reproducing muscle tissues with retention of nitrogen that help in a faster recovery of injury and muscle tissues as well.

"Reduction of belly fat"
Its metabolism power also helps in reducing belly fat but at the same time maintains lean muscle mass. Hence, to maintain you’re your body mass, you can buy IGF-LR3 from an online steroid shop.

"Reduction of bad cholesterol"
The product can reduce bad cholesterol in your body that could cause heart attack or severe heart disease. It can be considered as a major drawback of a bodybuilder. He cannot be allowed then to undertake heavyweight lifting and intense workout.

Side effects of IGF-LR3

In spite of several benefits, it also includes different side effects that you have to face by its overdose or often usage. You may avoid these undesirable side effects if you consult to a doctor before buying IGF-LR3 from any online steroid shop. You cannot expect any usage of steroids without side effects. Now, it’s up to you if you want to buy this product or not.

Let’s take a look at the following side effects. The side effects may include as follows:
• It may cause nasal bleeding. Severe blood loss can weaken you that can affect your performance at gym and competition as well.
• Over dosage of this product can enhance your body warmth that may cause redness and itching in your body.
• It may cause swelling hands and feet while taking this product. You have to be cautious about these side effects when you are buying IGF-LR3online.
• You can face heart palpitation from the over dosage of IGF-LR3.
• Many users have reported that the injection site can get swelled sometimes.

Dosage of IGF-LR3

The dosage should not be more than 40 mcg to 50 mcg per day for men. For women, it should not exceed 20 mcg in a day. It is initially dosed at 25 mcg per day after work out. It can increase your half-life to 20 to 30 hours. The cycle can last between 4 weeks and 40 days depending on dosage.

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