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RAD140 (Testolone) 5mg/caps (100caps.) Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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RAD140 (Testolone) - 5mg/caps (100caps.)

RAD 140 Testolone is one of the powerful SARMS bodybuilders use. Because of that, it offers minimum side effect those are trivial, carries the immense usage and demand among bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs are the safest substitutes of steroid for bodybuilders. These are discriminatory for every act they perform. Users can sense positive advances without considering side effects.

Continue reading to recognize some major segment of its favours, dosage and side effect and buy RAD 140 Testolone in the UK to gain the consequence.

About the Substance

The RAD 140 Testosterone belongs to the class of SARMs (Selective androgen receptor modulators), a fresh category of androgen receptor ligands. That’s why it acts like androgenic drugs, but it is more selective in its action process.

There is a similarity with testosterone in name, but it identifies RAD140 as SARM to achieve ultimate strength. Keep it in your mind that you cannot gain neat muscle during the drug cycle. Instead, what you find that is a strength. But wait that’s not everything. It can suppress androgenic sides and provide anabolic activities.

Confirm that RAD 140 is an androgenic receptor modulator. To the androgen receptors of bone and muscle tissue, it showed its efficiency and specification. It binds itself to the hormonal composite like DHT and testosterone receptors and imitates the actions of androgen.

In order that the user gets lean muscle mass, it acts to increase Nitrogen retention and improve protein synthesis. Although, RAD 140 does not get renovate or aromatise into DHT, like Testosterone and its derivatives. Also, it does not combine to androgen receptors in the prostate or make liver toxicity.

Consequently, buy RAD 140 Testolone online in the UK and be the operative person of this element.

Benefits of RAD 140 Testolone

· There are huge benefits of using RAD 140 for fitness purposes. Bodybuilders who are seeking the following advantages will be helpful by this Testolone.

· Some people suffer through weakness and wasting of the body for some chronic sickness. It is possibly used in the treatment of weight loss because of Cachexia.

· It is helpful to reduce the enlargement of the prostate familiar to anabolic steroid users. It is also beneficial in cutting fat and losing weight if taken a higher dose than normal. It is ideal for this purpose. You can buy RAD 140 Testolone in the UK to gain more payoff of this SARM.

· Users get stronger muscle along with exercise and power lifting becomes easier. RAD 140 provides hard and lean muscle. This becomes the secret to perform better and identify fulfilling their requirements.

· The most effective part is that the compound can decrease the side effects of androgenic compounds. As it is a non-hormonal compound. In addition, it reduces the bump of the prostate gland.

· If the bodybuilders start to feel exhausted during workout, RAD140 Testosterone can help that person to retain energy. User can go through the enjoyable workout due to this substance. This is surely an advantage for bodybuilders.

· Moreover the benefit is that it helps to protect brain function from amyloid-beta proteins. Alongside it enhances the growth of brain cells. It is mentioned as a designed therapeutic apply of RAD140 Testosterone.

· Therefore, it widens the way to bring a healthy and strong body for the fitness enthusiast. If you are in search of these benefits from one substance, then buy RAD 140 Testolone online in the UK and feel the gain.


RAD140 is a great solo compound, but it can provide great effects if combines with LGD-4033. This combination can supply excellent bulking activity.

Though, users should remember that taking appropriate can offer the most effective benefit than inappropriate.

For the male, the perfect dosage is 15-20mg/day. In addition, they can take up to 30mg/day if needed.

Women can get a great result at a low dose of 10mg/day.

The one thing that should keep in mind, the outcome of this SARM depends on the dose.

Therefore, buy RAD 140 Testolone in the UK and take a proper dose for best result bodybuilding benefits.

Side Effects

RAD140 Testosterone is a strongest SARM that is popular and it has wide use in body gaining purpose. According to unconfirmed research, the ratio of anabolic and androgen in this SARM is 90:1.

Though, it has many significant benefits of RAD140 Testolone but each one should memories that every strong compound causes at least a few side effects.

Some general side effects of RAD140 Testolone are as follows.

· Suppression: The natural production of testosterone suppresses up to 70% because of RAD140 Testosterone. But not stop it completely.

· Enhance aggression: The truth is you can feel great during the workout, lifting but outside of these you will find aggressive increases in your behaviour.

Those are all about the SARM called RAD140. You can buy RAD 140 Testolone online in the UK easily.

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