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STENABOLIC 5mg/caps (100caps.) Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Stenabolic (SR9009) - 5mg/caps (100caps.)

Stenabolic is commonly referred to as SR9009. Research on stenabolic has shown that it can help you lose weight, decrease cholesterol, inflammation, and anxiety for bodybuilders. These are pretty much the same results that you can expect when you exercise regularly. This is because the SARM basically helps improve endurance and overall health.

It was basically a synthetic drug that was developed for the purpose of studying the circadian rhythm. But now this SARM is popular in the bodybuilding world for this vast use a mentioned above. You can buy Stenabolic in the UK and use it to avail its benefits.

Benefits of Stenabolic in bodybuilding

There are many benefits that we get from Stenabolic. They are as follows-

Helps in fat loss:
Regardless of your current weight, using Stenabolic can help you cut down on body fat. If you are trying to lose weight, opt out the fat burners. They do nothing but strain your body and negatively affect your sleep and heart health. For this, it is used in bodybuilding world to maintain the overall physiques.

However, Stenabolic works safely because SR9009 is not a harsh drug or stimulant. Study subjects affected by Stenabolic burned fat even while resting. However, when they exercised, the fat loss was extremely sped up.

The Rev-erba protein controls lipid metabolism in the liver. Stenabolic gives it a little push, resulting in an increased metabolic rate. As the number of mitochondria rises, it forces the body to burn away stored fat.

In yet another study, it was seen that stenabolic helps in increasing endurance within just 30 days of intake. Evidence shows that this steroid could run for longer distances for an extended period of time.

This research also indicates that Stenabolic can repress autophagy genes, which leads to increasing the mitochondria numbers in muscle cells.

Decrease cholesterol levels:
It also helps in the bulking phase and for those suffering from obesity. It will help improve their cholesterol levels and get rid of redundant glucose in their muscles. As a result, the body will be burning fat much more quickly, whether it is during exercise or after.

Helps in Muscle growth:
If you simply want to build a little lean muscle mass and tone up slightly, this is a very useful supplement to have at your disposal. If used in conjunction with a healthy anabolic diet and smart exercise regime, you can certainly gain a little lean muscle tissue while simultaneously burning fat.

One way in which it helps is simply because it gives you more energy and stamina, so you can certainly gain a little lean muscle tissue while simultaneously burning fat. It simple helps in gaining more energy and stamina so that you can work harder when exercising.

Decrease Anxiety:
It is injected twice a day for 3 to 10 days, decreased anxiety like behaviour, and was effective as a benzodiazepine.

Gives You Energy:
It impacts sleep-wake patterns. But these only last for 12 hours, which is a rather short amount of time. There are easily available and you can buy Stenabolic online in the UK and use it.

This can come in handy for night-shift workers or frequent travellers that want to ward off sleep or have more control over their sleeping patterns. For that you need to buy Stenabolic in the UK.

These were some of the benefits that we get by taking stenabolic. You can buy stenabolic online in the UK and see the benefits of the products.

Side effects of Stenabolic

Till today side effects of Stenabolic are unknown. Despite it is not being FDA approved just yet, Stenabolic is pretty safe to use. It is non-hormonal, non-androgenic and non-estrogenic. Just follow the recommended dosage, and you will experience no side effects. You will be happy to know that stenabolic also does no damage to your liver.

But in any case if you notice anything unusual while using Stenabolic, do stop using it immediately. But as said as earlier if you take Stenabolic as advisable, then you can buy Stenabolic online in the UK and shouldn’t face any side effects.

Stenabolic Dosage

There’s currently no recommended human dosage for Stenabolic. But as per the news from bodybuilder’s forum, the recommended dose was a 20–30mg a day. Furthermore, there were users who expanded this bracket to 10–40mg. But keep in mind that the dosage also depends on how your body reacts to the elements.

You should know that Stenabolic has a short half-life, about four hours. This means your daily dosage has to be spaced out throughout the day. For example, if you are using 20 mg per day, use 5mg every 4 hours or so.

There’s no scientific evidence to back the efficiency of orally consumed Stenabolic so there’s no telling what its effects would be. So it’s safe to buy Stenabolic in the UK but be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels before using it.

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