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YK-11 4mg/caps (50caps.) Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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YK-11 - 4mg/caps (50caps.)

YK-11 is actually a myostatin inhibitor. This compound has the ability to break down a genetic muscle-building wall. If you are as a bodybuilder, you can use it to gain more muscle mass than normal growth with a strict diet and workout. It is a synthetic steroid that is based on 5-a-dihydrotestosterone (DTH). DTH is a stronger form of testosterone. The product has gained massive interest and demand from the bodybuilders especially from the UK. Hence, you can get and buy YK-11 from online steroid shops. But before taking such major step for your career and health, you need to collect some knowledge about the benefits, side effects, and dosage of this product as well.

Benefits of YK-11

YK-11 has been proved a great supplement for bodybuilders that they can take along with their strict diet and intense workout. The research has been found that it can help the bodybuilders to gain a massive growth in muscle shape and size. Are looking for such a supplement that can help you to achieve your goal in bodybuilding? Then here’s your right choice!!! Just go and buy YK-11online today!!! Before getting ready just have a look at its benefits for bodybuilders.

The advantages may include as follows:

Blocking myostatin
The primary benefit that you can get from YK-11 is blocking production of myostatin. It can help you to unleash the gain of unstoppable muscle growth. In the world of bodybuilding, it is essential to maintain muscle by retaining more Follistatin within it. Hence, you can get a massive change in your trained body by using this product along with the workout.

Supplement of testosterone
The study has been observed that it can be compared to testosterone from its benefits. It can be a supplement of testosterone by having the ability to build stronger muscles. A stronger muscle can bring victory to you in competitions even at gym while undertaking workout or lifting heavyweight.

Fast results
Many users have observed and reported that they have got a fast result by using this steroid than other products. It can get you a massive change after completion of its eight-week cycle. Are you ready to this faster gain? Then hurry up and buy YK-11 online today!!!

Fat burning
The product can help to lose a ton of calories that is effective in losing weight and maintaining its body mass properly. It also enhances more body mass if you will take it along with intense workout. This supplement can help you to become a fat destroying machine in a short time.

Muscle size
The product can help you to increase muscle size by lessening your body fat and enhancing body mass. To gain a muscle of perfect shape and size is a commitment of a bodybuilder to himself in their world. It can also help you to lift heavyweight during undertaking training.

Stronger bones
YK-11 contains the ability to bind androgen in bone tissues that helps in enhancing bone strength. Strong bones and muscles are essential in preventing fractures and maintaining healthy bones as they often face injury during competition or workout.

Reproduction of muscle tissue
To protect your muscle is another benefit that you can get from the usage of YK-11. It can act as a protective agent for your trained muscles as often undertaking heavy workout can damage your muscle tissues. This supplement helps in promoting you lean tissue growth to preserve your muscle mass. To protect your trained muscle, you need to buy YK-11 that is available in online steroid shops.

Side effects of YK-11

You may face undesirable side effects that can occur due to over dosage or often usage of YK-11. Hence, you need to know about its side effects before buying YK-11 from online shops.

The side effects can be described as follows:

Sexual health
It can affect prostate die to have follistatin within it. The over dosage of this product can lead you to prostate cancer even. It means that the product can lower your sex drive.
High blood pressure
The often usage of this product can enhance your blood pressure that can lead you to severe heart disease or stroke. It can be a major drawback for a bodybuilder.

Liver toxicity
Due to its hybrid steroid nature, it contains a higher level of chemical that can damage your liver. Then you need to be cautious before buying YK-11 online.

Suppression of testosterone
The over dosage of this product can reduce the level of natural production of testosterone.
Other common issues may be as follows:
• Joint pain
• Low energy
• Hair loss
• Mild acne
• Aggression

Dosage of YK-11

The most common dosage is approximately 10 mg to 15 mg per day. However, many users get good effects at 5 mg that is recommended for beginners. Some users have reported that doses can be taken up to 30 mg. You should buy YK-11 online after consulting to expert.

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